Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post 5 Part B

Final PLN

    My PLN has tremendously grown in my EDM 310 class. In the beginning of the semester, my only PLN was Symbaloo. Not only do I have Symbaloo, I am able to network with people across Mobile County and all over the world. I am able to read teachers and students' blogs, comment, and also receive a response back. I have people and educators who have help me out throughout this course. I have different people to follow me on twitter to use different technique and tools that will be useful in the classroom. I thought this class was going to be hard and stressful, but turned out to be one of the best classes taken thus far. I gained a lot of knowledge in this class and was able to expand my Personal Learning Network.


Sandi's Blog
Every year we talk about why we wear poppies for Remembrance Day.

I tell my kindergarten kids that we wear them to honor people who risk getting hurt or dying so that we can be peaceful.

We also make poppies.

My Response
I enjoy reading on how poppets are very important and the purpose of celebrating it. I think this is a great lesson that is taught to the students of remembrance day. Great lesson!

 The ScanSnap SV600 is a beautifully designed scanner with high quality pictures that is very easy to use. The scanner would be perfect in the library for students and teachers to use who need to scan parts of books or their projects. The ability to share easily with Google and Evernote is a huge plus for me and I see this Scanner getting hours of use the rest of this year. The ScanSnap SV600 is an archivist dream and librarian's best friend. 
My Response
I enjoy looking at the video on SV600 scanner. I am impress on so many things you can do on this scanner. This will be a great tool to use in the classroom. This will make teaching so much easier to wear you can just scan the pages out the book and upload to your smart board. Great Post!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

List of Problems:
  • Prospective teachers should have better academic training.
  • How teachers should be rewarded.
    I agree that teachers that are unqualified is a major Problem in the United States. If we hold our teachers to a higher standard such as doctors or lawyers, there would be less than 23 states that provides solid math preparation. Many states across the U.S. are unable to provide a good math program that prepares students as well as some of the top performing nations. I do agree that math is one of the hardest subjects in school to learn as well as to teach. I also believe there should be more training for prospective teachers, especially for the teachers that are not a Math Education Major.

    I do agree that seniority obligations are a problem in the United States. Teachers should be able to keep their job based off of effectiveness and not seniority. The true reward for teachers is seeing your students exceed well in the classroom. I agree that some states should give teachers raises based on students test scores to give the teacher some type of urgency in delivering instruction. Teachers should be responsible for students learning ability and how much they succeed throughout the class.

C4K Summary Novemeber

Alex Blog October 16, 2014
At school I like playing Mine craft at recess.
My Response:
I am glad that you enjoy playing at recess. Do you mind telling me Mine craft is? What kind of game is that and how do you play it? I enjoy hearing from you.

Derek's Blog November 6, 2014
I really enjoyed this project I liked this project because i didn't know this is how they made this kind of stamps. all the drawing and the and cutting and all the precautions. for example the amount of ink and the amount of time to roll it on the block is really hard. cutting is also hard I thought it would be like cutting butter. but this was probably on of my favorite projects.
My Response:
I enjoyed reading your post about printmaking. I did not know what printmaking was my self until you explained it to me. Great Job!

Brayden's Blog November 22, 2014
The first quarter of middle school is great so far. No late assignments, no logs signed, and no detentions.
But I’m just starting middle school as a novice. The first week you are stupefied with all of the work and books. But once you get going your ecstatic or once you feel calm and tranquil you fit in. You have to get to know all of the new teachers which takes a couple days or a week. We have a copious of teachers.  All of the teachers are fun and silly. All of the students are nice and funny. You get to know them all very good and become best friends.
My goals for the next quarter are, no late assignments, good grades, to not get my log signed, and no detentions. I hope to have a good first year in middle school.
My Response:
My name is Shayla, I attend the University of South Alabama. I enjoy reading your post. It seems like you are a very good student, with excellent vocabulary. Make sure you do all homework assignments, study, and turn everything in on time. If you master those three things, you should have no problem this school year.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

What Did I Leave Out?

Read the article, 5 ways to teach students the use technology safety. Explain and describe 5 ways to have parents involve with students and the safety of technology.

1. Encourage Parent Leadership.
Gather a group of parents for a meeting, such as a PTO, PTA, or other parent communities at your school. Discuss with parents about safe use online for students to use at school and at home. Also, invite a guest speaker to kick things off in the meeting by discussing different resources on internet safety.

2. Communicate regularly to parent communities.
Explain to the parents how you use technology in the classroom, and how you ensure the students how technology and how to use internet safely in the classroom. This would be a good way to discuss at an Open House or Parent-Teacher night.

3. Be clear with parents on how appropriate technology use is enforced.
Teachers should enforced how appropriate technology use should be enforced in the classroom, and how it could affect students school record and how it would be handle if technology is use inappropriately. Teachers should also enforce how personal use of technology can or cannot be use on school grounds. All of this should be discussed and reviewed at the beginning of the school year and signed by the parent.

4. Be creative
Help parents and students use technology together. We want students to be successful with technology use. Find ways to use technology with students and parents through school driven activities, fund raisers, and group project contests. We should not limit the discussion to being safe and responsible with technology.

5. Recognize the positive use of technology.
Technology can be a little bit frightening, especially if we was introduce to it later on in life. As adults, we cannot sidestep our obligation to make technology a tool our kids use safely and responsible. Parents should be encourage the right behavior with their kids at home, so students will be more efficient with the safety and use of technology.